Welcome to Legume Federation

The Legume Federation is an NSF project to build a federation of legume databases through data standards, distributed development and comparative analysis, to support research across the legume family, and to support robust agriculture for a world that is significantly "legume-fed".

Participating Genomic Data Portals (GDPs) currently include, but are not limited to:

Medicago genome/JCVI SoyBase Legume Information System (LIS)
Cool Season Food Legume Database PeanutBase KnowPulse
Feed the Future Climate Resilient Chickpea Alfalfa Genome Medicago truncatula HapMap

The goals of the Legume Federation include:

  1. share knowledge, development efforts, and data sets across all legume crops;
  2. define standards for data formats, metadata, Web service protocols and ontology use;
  3. establish an open repository for data exchange;
  4. encourage the use of common, open source model organism database tools.

The Legume Federation project has something for you if you:

  • Develop or maintain on-line resources about your research. We’d love to work with you.
  • Generate or use data sets for legume species. We’d like to help you get highest impact.
  • Do research with legume genetic or genomic data. Participating sites have tools for you.